Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Life Mantra Deals

Life Mantra is one of India’s leading alternative Trading Company, Importer, Wholesaler of Bio Energetic Wellness Health Products from Korea, Japan and China.

We believe it is the blessing of god that we have steadily traded to more than 200 distributors our 50 kinds of products applying magnets, negative ions and far infra – red rays for 3 years.

Our Major Products are:

o   Revive Tumbler
o   Alkaline Ion Water Stick
o   Alkaline Water flask
o   Health Wrist Watches
o   ECO Laundry Ball
o   Scalar Energy Radiation Shield
o   Scalar Energy Card
o   Energizer Pad
o   Slim Water
o   Cell Food
o   Radi Free
o   Magnetic Bracelets Steel
o   Magnetic Bracelets Tungsten
o   Magnetic Bracelets Titanium
o   Scalar Lava Pendant
o   Fusion Energy Wand Pen
o   Silicon Terahertz Wrist Bracelets
o   Crystal Lava Pendant
o   Lava Plus Pendant
o   Alkaline Water Jug
o   Nano Stone (Bracelets)

Head office
Life Mantra
Link Plaza,91-2nd floor
New Link Road, Oshiwara,
Jogeshwari(west),Mumbai - 400102.
Near :- Oshiwara Police Station
Tel: 022-26340073/ 64406535
Fax: 022-26340073